What we Do

We forensically review all areas of your supply chain

  • Supply Chain Network.
  • Deep Dive your Current Rate Card.
  • Question All Charges.
  • Fully Understand your Customer Service Promise.

We Develop a clear profile of your freight charges

Rest assured that Benchmark Logistics will be here to help you develop a clear profile of your freight charges.

Benchmark Against Best of Breed with suppliers

We benchmark against Best of Breed with suppliers that are aligned to your profile, customer service promise, and present to you an operational cost saving of an average 10% and better.

Implementation and management

We then implement and manage for you using our experience, supplier relationships with an intuitive technology solution (MachShip).

Let us do the work for you!

We Cover All Your Needs

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Benchmark  Logistics uses MachShip Software to Support and Manage its Freight

Rate Management & Quoting
Consign &

Benchmark Logistics manages a wide cross-section of freight profiles for various clients applying;

  • Best of Breed Pricing.
  • Freight profile matched to Best of Breed Carrier.
  • Measured & managed using Machship leading edge freight management platform.
  • Supported by outstanding customer service.

Currently providing freight solutions to;

  • National freight distribution 65000 + consignments PA.
  • Beaumont’s Tiles hybrid flooring distribution.
  • Beaumont Tiles store pick up from any location, deliver to store or site.
  • Permanent 5 trucks doing shuttle runs from large Distribution Centres to retail shops.